The leaf-shaped design of this award is a symbol of growth, renewal, and excellence. It represents the employee’s ability to adapt, innovate, and shine in their role, making them an invaluable asset to the organization.


7.2 H x 4.4 W x 2 D (inches)

Weight: 0.2Kg


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The Brilliance Recognition Award stands as a heartfelt acknowledgment of an employee’s exceptional brilliance and outstanding contributions. Crafted in the shape of a graceful leaf, this award encapsulates the recipient’s growth and dedication. Inscribed with personalized greeting lines and the awardee’s name, it is meticulously crafted from the finest imported acrylic, symbolizing the importance of recognizing and celebrating excellence.

The recipient of this prestigious award can display it with pride in their workspace, showcasing their brilliance as an employee and their dedication to the organization’s success.

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