The award is crafted from high-quality opaque white acrylic, symbolizing the brilliance and purity of the recipients’ achievements.

Star-Shaped Design: The centerpiece of the award is a captivating star-shaped plaque. The star’s edges are slightly beveled, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.



4.9 H x 2.7 W x 1.1 D (inches)

Weight: 0.1Kg


In Stock

For preservation and presentation purposes, provide a custom-fit transparent acrylic case that encloses the award securely. The case protects the award while showcasing its elegance.

This elegant acrylic award serves as a shining tribute to those who have performed exceptionally, symbolizing their brilliance like a star. Its sleek design and the contrast between the opaque white acrylic star and the grooved black base make it a truly remarkable and memorable token of appreciation.

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